Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Thanksgiving leftovers are the best! But I think we can agree that not all leftovers reheat well in the microwave. Sweet potato casserole is one of those examples. It’s impossible to recreate that fresh-from-the-oven toasted marshmallow deliciousness the day after.Sweet Potato Cheesecake.9

Unless… you repurpose your leftovers into this delicious sweet potato cheesecake! (more…)

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Lately, I’ve been trying to come up with to-go breakfast ideas that I can easily eat at work. The other day, I remembered we had English muffins in the freezer and thought they would be perfect!Whole Wheat English Muffins.10

But when I took them out, I could tell right away that they were freezer burned (honestly not sure how long they had been there…) so I decided I would make some English muffins myself the following weekend. Homemade is better anyway, right?Whole Wheat English Muffins.6

These whole wheat muffins are amazing! They rise tall, have a perfect crumble, and have a nice, hearty touch due to the whole wheat. My ideal English muffin is toasted with some salted butter, topped with some raspberry jam! (more…)

Matcha Scones

Scones seem simple, but they’re actually an extremely delicate treat. If the dough is too warm or too wet, your scones come out like cookies. Too dry, and they come out cakey. Matcha Scones.6

This matcha scones recipe took a couple takes — not only with texture, but also perfecting the flavor and sweetness level.  (more…)

Gluten Free Oatmeal Pancakes

Pancakes are a weekend staple in my house, so my list of pancake recipes are endless (peach pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, or my perfect chocolate chip pancakes…). Each pancake recipe is special and unique, and what makes this one amazing is that it’s gluten free without the use of any weird kinds of flours. gf oatmeal pancakes.1

All you do for these pancakes is grind some oats, mix with milk, eggs, oil and a couple other ingredients. Add some chocolate chips to make these just a tad sweeter, and serve with some maple syrup!  (more…)

Jalapeño Cornbread

Cornbread is a special treat. It’s one of the few things that you really can’t buy in stores; sure, there’s a box mix, but you can’t buy fresh, warm home-style cornbread at most grocery stores, and bakeries don’t tend to carry it either. 

Actually, the other day I stopped in at Whole Foods and saw that they had small squares of cornbread wrapped in plastic. It was pretty cheap so I went ahead and bought a piece, but as soon as I opened it I was disappointed: it was too dry, and when I tasted it, it was just too bland. Jalapeño Cornbread.3

Even if the only way to enjoy good cornbread is to make it at home, that’s not at all a problem with this super amazing cornbread recipe! This bread is soft and cakey, with a nice crumb due to the addition of real corn. (more…)

Mini Molten Chocolate Orange Cakes

I had a 10am meeting the other day and I woke up craving something sweet, but knew we didn’t have anything good already made (actually, this is a constant problem and, honestly, it’s the only reason I bake). So I sat for a minute on our living room couch, thinking about what I could make that might satisfy my sweet tooth but also be fast enough to whip up and enjoy before I had to leave.Mini Molten Chocolate Orange Cakes.4

Cookies? Muffins? Cake? How about chocolate? We also had those oranges sitting on the counter… (more…)

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