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Cheesecake with Homemade Graham Cracker Crust

cheesecake with graham crust.7

Cheesecakes in our house are always a special treat. Because they’re so rich and dense, they’re not really the type of dessert that you can have every night — they’re something that should be savored and eaten slowly. When made well, the cream practically melts in your mouth. And the graham cracker crust adds a nice crunchy contrast of texture. And, with this recipe, a light and milky topping perfectly completes the dessert.cheesecake with graham crust.8

Cheesecakes are commitments. Not only does making one require some patience, but eating one does too. Even when you just buy one, you’re committing you and your family to eating the whole thing (not that that’s a scary commitment to make ;).  (more…)

Flan Cupcakes

So, maybe you’re not much of a flan person (it’s ok – I wasn’t for a long time either), but that really shouldn’t turn you away from this recipe! The center of these cupcakes is flan, the base is a vanilla cupcake, and the icing is made with cream cheese. The flan taste is of course present, but also subtle enough for a novice flan-eater.  

Flan Cupcakes.1

Make these when you’re aiming to impress; most people are surprised to find the flan inside and some even wonder how you were able to fill the cakes. The flan turns this simple vanilla cupcakes into something fancier; something worth having seconds (or maybe thirds…). 

Flan Cupcakes.2

Light Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin muffins.4

Fall has been here for quite some time now, but I feel that the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is the best time to bake pumpkin treats. I also love almost anything that’s sweet and pumpkin-flavored, so these next couple of days and weeks you’ll definitely be seeing more pumpkin-inspired treats! 

pumpkin muffins.6

It is important to know that these muffins are very special. They start with a perfectly balanced batter: not too sweet or too dry. A cream cheese filling adds to the overall softness. A crumb topping is put to finish, adding that needed crunch.  (more…)