Oh, did I hear a knock? Well come on in, I love having guests over for a sweet treat! What can I offer you? Some cookies? A slice of cake? Sure, help yourself. And while I’ve got you here, maybe you would like to hear a bit about me? 

My name’s Jackie and I started this blog the summer I turned 17. I love writing and I discovered my passion for baking and photography when I took courses in the two while studying abroad in France. When I came home from France, I continued baking and taking photos for fun, but eventually I decided to combine those hobbies into the blog I have now. 

Two and a half years after I created this blog, I decided to published my first cookbook (you can check it out on Amazon). It’s filled with tons of amazing desserts, like cookies and popsicles and those creamy orange cupcakes on the cover. Version 2

I hope to continue blogging and baking and taking photos and writing for many years to come and hope that you might enjoy the recipes shared here just as much as I have!

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Thanks for stopping by :) 

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