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Flan Cupcakes

So, maybe you’re not much of a flan person (it’s ok – I wasn’t for a long time either), but that really shouldn’t turn you away from this recipe! The center of these cupcakes is flan, the base is a vanilla cupcake, and the icing is made with cream cheese. The flan taste is of course present, but also subtle enough for a novice flan-eater.  

Flan Cupcakes.1

Make these when you’re aiming to impress; most people are surprised to find the flan inside and some even wonder how you were able to fill the cakes. The flan turns this simple vanilla cupcakes into something fancier; something worth having seconds (or maybe thirds…). 

Flan Cupcakes.2

Traditional Flan

As you may recall me mentioning in my Chocoflan post, I used to not be a fan at all of flan. It was, of course, the chocoflan that allowed me to change my mind about the dessert. I soon also realized that flan is a whole lot like crème brûlée (which is a must-try for anyone who was wondering). 

flan.4For those who aren’t even sure what flan is, it’s a light custard-like dessert. It’s different than probably what most people think of when they think of custard since it’s a bit stiff; you can eat it with a spoon of a fork. The taste is very similar to any other vanilla custard: creamy, sweet, and delicious!  (more…)