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Baked Apple Muffins

Sometimes people confuse muffins and cupcakes, despite the fact that cupcakes are iced and muffins aren’t. I think this is because oftentimes muffins are just as sweet as cupcakes and really shouldn’t be able to pass as a breakfast item. 

baked apple muffins.1I don’t think anyone would ever confuse these muffins for cupcakes. Why? Because they’re so hearty and delicious in a way a cupcake could never be. 

baked apple muffins.3

They have a sweet crunch, due to the apple-raisin-almond combo.  (more…)

Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Apple Pie.2

Thanksgiving is a great time for pies. It seems like normally people have pumpkin pie, but at my house we have all kinds of pies for Thanksgiving, including this delicious apple one. 

Dutch Apple Pie.4

This Dutch Apple Pie was very well received within my family, so I’m guessing that I will be making it again come Thanksgiving. What is really great about it is the sweet crunch, due to both the apples and the cookie-like topping.  (more…)

Applesauce + Apple Picking

The weather has already started to become a lot colder as fall creeps upon us. Last weekend, however, was sunny enough that my family and I decided to go apple picking. 

apple picking.6

This was our first time going  apple picking and we definitely came home with more apples than we had ever bought before. Of course, with so many apples, I had to think of a couple new recipes to whip up before these things went bad. 

apple sauce.4

Luckily, I didn’t have too much trouble with the first recipe, since my German friend Sarah showed me how to make Apfelmus, or just applesauce in English. For anyone who’s a bit apprehensive about making applesauce from scratch, trust me, it’s worth it. After having this fresh applesauce, you’ll probably never want to eat Mott’s jarred sauced again.  (more…)