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Banana Crumb Cake

A lot of people make banana bread when their bananas begin to over-ripen. I love banana bread, but sometimes it can be just a bit boring. So if you’re like me, looking for a bit more of a sweet treat, try this super amazing and delicious banana crumb cake!

banana crumb cake.5

As you can see in this little diagram I have going in the picture above, this banana cake contains apple sauce bits baked right into it, a delicious, buttery crumble topping, and a sweet glaze to top it all off. 

banana crumb cake.3

I’m honestly not sure if banana cake can get better than this.  (more…)

Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal

Want a healthy way to make fancy your simple breakfast? Then you must try out this recipe for baked apple pie oatmeal!!

apple pie oatmeal.4I am a huge oatmeal fan, and some mornings I simply mix slices of apples into my bowl of already-cooked oats, but that does not compare at all to this amazing recipe! 

apple pie oatmeal.5

Out of the oven, you get a smooth, milky, creamy bowl of oats, amazingly crunchy and soft apples, and, with this recipe, tasteful spices. (more…)

Apple Crumble Coffee Cake

apple crumb cake.1

Yet another apple recipe, but in all honesty, this is probably the best one yet. This cake has just the right amount of fluffiness, a perfect balance of sweet and salty crumbles, it topped with a light cinnamony glaze, and has a delicious apple crunch! 

apple crumb cake.5

This cake is great for any occasion too: breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert. Bring it to a picnic or bake it for a formal dinner: everyone will be sure to wipe their plates clean!  (more…)

Apple Crumble Pie

apple crumble.1

Yes, this is yet another apple recipe (don’t worry, more variety is soon to come!), but trust me, this is something worth trying. I’d say this dessert is a cross between an apple cobbler and an apple pie. I decided on classifying it as a pie due to its shape and overall texture, and either way this is simply a delicious treat. (more…)

Rustic Apple Tart

apple tart.4

We’re already in October and in lieu of caramel apples, I made this delicious apple tart. It has a wonderfully flaky crust (that doesn’t require pastry puff!), is layered with apples, and is topped with a soft caramel coating. This dessert is also much easier to make than pie, so that’s even more reason to get cooking!

apple tart.1

First, you will make the dough. Chop two sticks of cold butter (if you must cheat, it can be slightly warm to make mixing easier) and mix them with your flour mixture. Once the combination resembles small chunks, you can add the 1/2 cup cold water. Knead the dough until it forms a ball as pictured above. Refrigerate.  (more…)

Apple Muffins

apple muffins.8If those apple you buy from the store seem to brown too quickly, don’t throw them out! They can be used in this delicious, whole wheat, cinnamon-y muffins! 

apple muffins.1

First, wash two medium-sized apples. Peel them. Slice in quarters. Remove the seeds. Cut one apple into thin slices, the other apple into small chunks.  (more…)