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Crème Anglaise + Sugar Rush Cookbook Review

Do you love crème brûlée? Need a faster way to create that delicious flavor? Then crème anglaise is just the thing for you! 

plums crème anglaise.4It taste great as a topping for any and all fruits (pictured here are some roasted plums!). The cream can also be used as a light dipping sauce, such as for cakes (angel food) or even at breakfast with french toast or pancakes. Or just have a spoonful straight (I mean, is it really that different than eating a half cup of crème brûlée? I don’t think so). Really, the options are endless. 

sugar-rushIn this post I will also be reviewing Sugar Rush, an amazing cookbook by Johnny Iuzzini with Wes Martin. Continue reading for the review and the recipe the crème anglaise recipe adapted from the book!  (more…)

Tuiles + Review of French Roots

If you’ve never heard of them tuiles are light French pastries (basically cookies) that have a distinct curved shape. They’re pretty easy to make with only six ingredients and they taste great with ice cream or a large glass of milk. 


Since these cookies aren’t very familiar to many, below I have some step-by-step pictures, showing exactly what kind of texture the batter should be. Along with the recipe, I have another cookbook review to share! This book is called French Roots by Jean-Pierre Moullé and Denise Lurton Moullé. As always, scroll to the bottom of the post to view the recipe. 

IMG_7347 At first I was a bit disappointed when I received this book. Immediately, when I opened the package that was mailed to me, I plunged through the pages, as I do with all cookbooks, marking down the recipes that I’ll put on my long list of things to make. When flipping through this book though, everything looked very plain and somewhat uninviting.  (more…)

Tres Leches Cupcakes

I have only eaten tres leches cake a handful of times, and to be completely honest, I have never actually tried a good one. Maybe I did when I was little, before I had a true appreciation for good desserts, but in my recent years all the ones I have tried have either been bad or just mediocre. 

tres leches cupcakes.8That being said, I can assure you that this recipe is so different from the cakes I have tried before. These tres leches cupcakes are made with a whipped egg-white batter that gives them a spongy texture. The sponge cupcakes are then filled with milk. The milk sets over a few hours and is able to suffuse throughout the entire cake. 

tres leches cupcakes.5Instead of icing, these cupcakes are topped with a homemade whipped cream, perfectly complementing the light and fluffy cake.

For a tutorial on how to make these, continue reading.  (more…)

Flan Cupcakes

So, maybe you’re not much of a flan person (it’s ok – I wasn’t for a long time either), but that really shouldn’t turn you away from this recipe! The center of these cupcakes is flan, the base is a vanilla cupcake, and the icing is made with cream cheese. The flan taste is of course present, but also subtle enough for a novice flan-eater.  

Flan Cupcakes.1

Make these when you’re aiming to impress; most people are surprised to find the flan inside and some even wonder how you were able to fill the cakes. The flan turns this simple vanilla cupcakes into something fancier; something worth having seconds (or maybe thirds…). 

Flan Cupcakes.2

Black and White Mousse

Don’t you just love chocolate mousse? It tastes whipped, light, and airy, yet full of rich chocolate flavor… 

chocolate mousse.6

This mousse is extra special, because it has delicious chocolate mousse on the bottom, fluffy whipped cream on the top. And it has a pretty chocolate drizzle. 

chocolate mousse.4Every spoonful contains a delicious mix of the two vanilla and chocolate flavors.  (more…)

Traditional Flan

As you may recall me mentioning in my Chocoflan post, I used to not be a fan at all of flan. It was, of course, the chocoflan that allowed me to change my mind about the dessert. I soon also realized that flan is a whole lot like crème brûlée (which is a must-try for anyone who was wondering). 

flan.4For those who aren’t even sure what flan is, it’s a light custard-like dessert. It’s different than probably what most people think of when they think of custard since it’s a bit stiff; you can eat it with a spoon of a fork. The taste is very similar to any other vanilla custard: creamy, sweet, and delicious!  (more…)

Crème Brûlée

Recently I received a kitchen torch to add to my collection of fancy cooking supplies. The first recipe I decided to make with it was this, crème brûlée. This recipe is truly amazing and I actually ended up making this twice in one week, it was such a hit. It’s lightly sweetened and very creamy and the caramelized sugar on top adds the perfect amount of crunch. 

Crème Brûlée.10I’ve always thought of crème brûlée as some sort of exotic, difficult-to-make dessert, but once I actually made it, my thoughts quickly changed. Hopefully yours will too with this simple step-by-step tutorial. 


Pictured below are the first four steps:  (more…)

Vanille Kipferl


These delicious German cookies are made with plenty of almonds and butter, giving them a distinctly sweet crunch.  

vanillekipferl.2Normally made around Christmastime, these are great cookies to make throughout the winter.

vanillekipferl.3Light and sweet, these little cookies are seriously addicting.  (more…)