Niagara Falls Gifs

I started making these gifs (moving pictures, for those who don’t know) back when I made these two posts about Niagara Falls, but I didn’t finish until today. 


These are just photos I took on our last night at the Falls, compiled into a couple different gifs. Note: this are best viewed on a laptop or tablet; they were choppy when I viewed them on my phone. 


I loved how the steam looked in one section of the Falls, and how you could see a trace of a rainbow (esp. in the gif below), even though it was night. 

niagara.7 niagara.8

This gif above is probably my favorite of the lot; the water just moves so smoothly and you can see all the bright lights from the city. 

niagara.10 niagara.11 niagara.12niagara.6

When you turn your back to the Falls, this is the view. Spotlights, a bright ferris wheel, tourists, and cars. 


And above is an up-close view of the ferris wheel. 

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