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My beginnings

The summer I turned 15, I studied abroad in France and took courses in culture & cuisine and photography. For this experience, I bought my first dSLR camera and formally learned to cook and I haven’t stopped with either hobby since. Below are some pictures from my time in the south of France. france 2011 (1)

Even just the simple things caught my eyes: flowers were everywhere and the smallest of candy shops looked gourmet. france 2011 (117)

With my culture and cuisine class, I learned to make a wide variety of dishes from professional French chefs.   (more…)

Niagara Falls Gifs

I started making these gifs (moving pictures, for those who don’t know) back when I made these two posts about Niagara Falls, but I didn’t finish until today. 


These are just photos I took on our last night at the Falls, compiled into a couple different gifs. Note: this are best viewed on a laptop or tablet; they were choppy when I viewed them on my phone.  (more…)