Recent Knits

Cold winter days call for fun ways to pass the time indoors which, for me, tends to be knitting while watching late night movies. 

Below are all the recent hats and scarves that I’ve made. All are adult-sized unless otherwise specified. Also, all scarves are $12, hats are $5, and a set is $16, unless otherwise specified. 


First are two cable-knit infinity scarves. The one above is a royal blue, while the one below is simply a dark blue. 

knits.5 knits.11

Below is a super-soft black and blue scarf. 

knits.10Next is a camo colored scarf and hat set, made with thick, soft yarn. Because this is better quality yarn than the others, this set is $20, and the scarf is $16. 

knits.12 knits.3Below is a green and white Spartan colored scarf. 


Next is a 50% wool blend infinity scarf. The scarf is made with super thick, warm, soft yarn. For warmth and comfort, I prefer wool blends because they tend to not be as itchy as 100% wool while still providing much of the warmth wool offers. Because this is a thick scarf made with wool, it’s $20. 


Below is a sparkling red and white scarf. (Note: only the white sparkles; the red is regular yarn). 


A simple red and blue scarf. 

And a crocheted blue hat. 


Finally, a baby item. This set is $10. 


Please contact me if you have any questions about these items or would like to know the measurements. You can send me a message below, or email me directly. 

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