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Vanille Kipferl


These delicious German cookies are made with plenty of almonds and butter, giving them a distinctly sweet crunch.  

vanillekipferl.2Normally made around Christmastime, these are great cookies to make throughout the winter.

vanillekipferl.3Light and sweet, these little cookies are seriously addicting.  (more…)

Simple Butter Cookies

german butter cookies.14If you’re looking for a really simple cookie recipe with beautiful results, this is just the thing for you! 

german butter cookies.15

What’s even better is that this recipe allows for tons of variation (which will be seen in posts soon to come). 

german butter cookies.2With the holidays just around the corner (can you believe Christmas Eve is just a week from today?!), I’ve been baking more batches of cookies that I can count, and these have remained a popular item.  (more…)

Meltaway Cookies

These cookies are super light and crispy, with a touch of lemon. They’re great if you want just a light treat, or if you happen to not be a chocolate-lover. The recipe that follows won’t leave you disappointed! 



The cookie before baked, coated with a delicious layer of turbinado sugar.  (more…)



If you’re going to a picnic, potluck, or barbeque, these snickerdoodles are a simple crowd-pleaser that everyone will enjoy. 


If you’ve never had snickerdoodles, try them out: they’re like sugar cookies with a touch of cinnamon and just a bit of salt.  (more…)

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