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Ganache Brownies

It may come as a surprise to you that I actually have not had very good luck finding brownie recipes. That is, of course, until recently. I’ve been reading The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook (which has just beautiful photos and recipes), and found the perfect brownie recipe (for now, at least). 

brownies (sono).4

I’ve tweaked it just a bit, and this is truly a recipe you must try. These brownies aren’t even that hard to make if you exclude the ganache (and even that part isn’t that hard). Plus, these are a crowd-pleaser: I brought them to a picnic a couple weeks ago and they were a HUGE hit! (more…)

Applesauce + Apple Picking

The weather has already started to become a lot colder as fall creeps upon us. Last weekend, however, was sunny enough that my family and I decided to go apple picking. 

apple picking.6

This was our first time going  apple picking and we definitely came home with more apples than we had ever bought before. Of course, with so many apples, I had to think of a couple new recipes to whip up before these things went bad. 

apple sauce.4

Luckily, I didn’t have too much trouble with the first recipe, since my German friend Sarah showed me how to make Apfelmus, or just applesauce in English. For anyone who’s a bit apprehensive about making applesauce from scratch, trust me, it’s worth it. After having this fresh applesauce, you’ll probably never want to eat Mott’s jarred sauced again.  (more…)

Carrot Cupcakes

Though this cake probably hasn’t been in my family for that long, I copied it from my grandma’s voluminous binder of precious recipes. It has been a family favorite since before I was born, and has become a cake that is requested more than any other for birthdays. Store-bought carrot cakes can never top the quality of this one, and I have yet to try a carrot cake of near equivalence. 

carrot cupcakes.1carrot cupcakes.7

In other words, next time you bake a cake and happen to have three cups of carrots laying around, you should definitely try this recipe. (more…)

Meltaway Cookies

These cookies are super light and crispy, with a touch of lemon. They’re great if you want just a light treat, or if you happen to not be a chocolate-lover. The recipe that follows won’t leave you disappointed! 



The cookie before baked, coated with a delicious layer of turbinado sugar.  (more…)



If you’re going to a picnic, potluck, or barbeque, these snickerdoodles are a simple crowd-pleaser that everyone will enjoy. 


If you’ve never had snickerdoodles, try them out: they’re like sugar cookies with a touch of cinnamon and just a bit of salt.  (more…)

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

This past weekend I was experimenting with my new-to-me ice cream maker that I bought a couple weeks ago at a garage sale. I wanted to make something you can’t normally buy at a grocery store, so I opted for frozen yogurt, since it’s harder to come by. Because this was my first time, I made a bit more than I intended to, but this recipe can easily be halved. Or, if you also want to make a large batch, I’m sure that this will not be hard to finish, due to its out-of-this-world deliciousness! chocolate frozen yogurt.4

Also, if you don’t have an ice cream maker but would still like to try making this recipe at home, it is possible, just read the recipe for instructions!  (more…)

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