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Lemon Meringue Tart + The Perfect Egg Cookbook Review

I’m a huge fan of lemon meringue pie, but it seems like it’s very difficult to buy it well-made. I’ve tried freezer-section versions and “fresher” grocery store versions, but nothing out there that I’ve tried seems to come even close to a homemade version.

lemon meringue tart.9

But this isn’t quite lemon meringue pie. Instead, it’s a lemon curd tart. It’s a lot like a lemon meringue pie, but the filling is much more flavorful and rich. It’s creamy and sweet and smooth and tart and sour all at the same time. It isn’t topped with a mountain of meringue, like most of the pies normally are, but just a light dollop. Instead of a pie crust, you’ve got two options with this tart: shortbread crust or almond crust.


I made this a couple weeks ago when we had some guests over for dinner, and I’m often a bit apprehensive about making something new when we have guests, but this recipe did not disappoint! I was glad I made two tarts because everyone asked for seconds and the dessert was gone in no time. (more…)

Rustic Apple Tart

apple tart.4

We’re already in October and in lieu of caramel apples, I made this delicious apple tart. It has a wonderfully flaky crust (that doesn’t require pastry puff!), is layered with apples, and is topped with a soft caramel coating. This dessert is also much easier to make than pie, so that’s even more reason to get cooking!

apple tart.1

First, you will make the dough. Chop two sticks of cold butter (if you must cheat, it can be slightly warm to make mixing easier) and mix them with your flour mixture. Once the combination resembles small chunks, you can add the 1/2 cup cold water. Knead the dough until it forms a ball as pictured above. Refrigerate.  (more…)